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We strive for nothing less than perfection. 

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We are transforming your customers website into a state-of-the-art Android app. 

Gain visibility, notoriety and prestige thanks to our turnkey product. 

We publish your app on Google Store within 10 business days. 

Your app will be visible to more than 2.5 billion users worldwide. 

Compatible with all Android devices, totaling more than 13,579 different models. 

Our technology is compatible with 100% of responsive websites. 

The administration section, client is available in French or English. 


The advantages of using our reseller plugin: 

1. A 25% discount on each order placed using the plugin. 

2. You can determine the retail price for your customers. 

A default sale price is suggested to you: 66% profit on each sale. 

3. White label: the plugin is transparent to customers. 

4. Full automation of the purchasing process. 

5. The result (the Google Play link) is displayed directly in your client's section. 

6. We offer bilingual support to your customers for free by email. 


Upload the "modules" folder directly to your WHMCS by FTP.


modules/addons/mavendroid  -> your_whmcs/modules/addons/mavendroid

modules/servers/mavendroid  -> your_whmcs/modules/servers/mavendroid



To activate the plugin, go to the admin section of your WHMCS.

Click on the "configure" menu at the top and select "Addon modules".


Click on "Activate", then select the language, check "Full Administrator".

Click on "Save change".

Go to the "Addons" section and select "Mavendroid".

We will return to the plugin after creating your reseller account. Your reseller account is reserved for your company.

It allows you to retrieve the API key in order to identify you. Each time one of your customers places an order on your website,

your reseller account will be debited, invoice will be provided with your customer's order information. Your customer will never be redirected to our website, the ordering process for the customer goes through your WHMCS and the result is displayed in its customer section.

English :

French :


Identify yourself in your reseller account and click on "Add funds".


Recover the API key and make a deposit (minimum of 50 euros) to load your account.



Insert the API key recovered in the previous step and press "Validate API key".

The plugin will automatically create a group and a product called "Android application".

You can change the name and description of the product if you wish.

You can use the administration interface to choose the selling price displayed to your customers.

The category will be visible to your customers in the "cart.php" section of your WHMCS.

You can also create a newsletter and send the "direct product link".

If you send a newsletter, don't forget to increase the balance of your reseller account.


The plugin checks your reseller balance before sending us the order, an error will be displayed if your balance is below 50 euros.

When the customer places an order on your website, the questions essential to the creation of his application will be asked.

Once the invoice has been paid, the creation module will send us the order details and an invoice will be created for you in your reseller account.

An “Android application” product will appear in your client's “my products / services” section.

The creation of the application is done manually by our team and sending on Google Play takes up to 10 working days.

When the Google Play link is available, the plugin will display it directly in your client's section.

By default, no support email is displayed in the client section.

You can from your admin section add an email account.

You can put Mavendroid email directly: [email protected]

If you want the support to be done under the cover of your company.

You just have to create an email and send us

the necessary information to connect to the account (POP3 / SMTP).


If you need more information about our product / plugin.

We are available for online chat:

Contact the developer: [email protected].

By phone: 1-581-447-1770 / +33 977 199 926.

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