Your Android application.

44.34$We transform your website into an Android app.
Your Android application.
  • We transform your website into a state-of-the-art Android app.
  • Gain visibility, notoriety and prestige thanks to our turnkey product.
  • We publish your app on Google Store within 10 business days.
  • Your app will be visible to more than 2.5 billion users worldwide.
  • Compatible with all Android devices, totaling more than 13,579 different models.
  • Our technology is compatible with 100% of responsive websites.
44.34$We transform your website into an Android app.

Notoriety & Prestige

Take your website and your app to the next level. In 2020 it is now essential to have an Android application, be avant-garde.

Gain visibility

Your application / website will now be visible directly in Google Store which will improve your natural referencing on the Web.

Turnkey service

Our team takes care of 100% of the development of your applications. This includes the creation of a logo, its documentation and publication.

An honest price

Each application must meet customer expectations. Our quality / price ratio is unbeatable: 44.34$ USD for a limited time.

A simple process

Within the next 24 hours of your purchase.

Within the next 24 hours of your purchase.

A first email contact will be initiated. We will determine with you certain essential elements for the creation of your application.

We will analyze this information.

We will analyze this information.

After a “Brainstorm” from our team, we will confirm with you the url of your site, the name, the logo, the images and the documents that we will post on Google Play.

Our programmers will compile your application.

Our programmers will compile your application.

High quality work done by real computer engineers using the latest development technology available today. (Android studio 3.5.3)

We submit your app to Google Store.

We submit your app to Google Store.

Our “APP / SEO” specialists will upload and fill out the necessary documentation so that your application is accepted.

Once your application has been validated by google.

Once your application has been validated by google.

You will receive by email, your file in “APK” format as well as the exact url of your application on Google Store. Share it, savor your business decision with Mavendroid. You are now 2.0.

Your Android app

We strive for nothing less than perfection.

Ultra fast

Your website will display in full screen mode on all types of Android devices.

Custom logo

You can choose the logo of your application or leave it to our team to create it.

Satisfaction guaranteed

No risk, if you are not satisfied with our service we will refund you.

Outline of android cell Example of Mavendroid application.

100% CLEAN

The source code is perfectly clean. No advertising, guaranteed without spyware.

Optimized & compressed

Features optimized for all versions of Android. Small application (less than 1.2meg).

In the rules of art

It was made with professional tools such as Android Studio 3.5.3 and Java.


The most frequently asked questions.

FAQ:  The most frequently asked questions.
  • Will your price always be that low?

    Unfortunately not, with time our clientele increases as well as our workload. The price can increase at any time.

  • What about the app logo?

    We suggest that customers use the favicon or header image of their website. You can still submit another logo to us. In all cases our team will take care of converting it so that the display is adapted to the dimensions of an application.

  • The name of the application?

    You can of course choose the name of your application during your order. Here is an example: For Mavendroid, the name of the application should be Mavendroid or

  • How can this increase my natural referencing (SEO) and my visibility?

    When adding your application to the Google Store platform. Your application name, url and description will be requested. This information is displayed and available to the various search engines. Everyone who searches for your name in the Google search tool will be suggested your Android app.

  • Is it possible to create an application with a non-responsive website?

    Yes it is possible, you will be displayed in Google Store and this will improve your visibility. However when opening your application the website will be difficult to display, we advise you to resolve this type of problem with your web programmer.

  • What about CMS-style websites like WordPress?

    The content management system: Wordpress, Typo3, Joomla, Drupal, Contao, Spip, PrestaShop, Magento are 100% compatible with our system even these are responsive therefore the display will be perfectly adapted.

  • How do you explain the delay of 10 working days?

    We can't go faster, Google takes 7 to 9 business days to validate your app. Which leaves us little time to create and publish it.

  • How long will my application be published?

    For life, the one and only reason why your application would no longer be published would be because the Google Store would close.

  • Who is the legal owner of the app?

    At all times you are the legal owner of the application (a copy of it will be sent to you by email after its publication). It belongs to you, you can request its withdrawal whenever you want. Otherwise its publication will never end.

  • Who owns the Android publishing account?

    The publication account belongs to the Mavendroid company. If you prefer to publish it by yourself, that's fine with us, but be aware that Google will charge you the price of a 30-euro developer license.

  • Who owns the source code? Can we see it?

    The source code is the intellectual property of Mavendroid and is not available to the public. However, the application created from this source code belongs to you.

  • How can we be sure that the source code is « CLEAN » ?

    Each application is validated directly by Google when it is sent. We are not interested in losing our notoriety as well as our developer account at Google. We are pleased to offer you a 100% clean application that contains no spyware, statistical software or any other harmful component.

  • Do you host our website?

    We do not host any website, several companies in the field of web hosting refer us customers and in order to be fair to them, we leave you the pleasure of choosing your own host.

  • Your company is Canadian but the price is displayed in us?

    Although our company is registered in Canada, most of our customers come from Europe, so we decided to display our price in us.

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We guarantee your satisfaction 100%.

Up to 50% commission! Affiliation: Up to 50% commission!
Up to 50% commission!

Mavendroid takes customer satisfaction to heart. We offer the best Web / App Android conversion experience, we have exponential growth as well as a very high conversion ratio, speak with one of our advisers on « live chat » . We will be happy to find an agreement loyal and efficient for both parties. The affiliate program is open to everyone: Influencer, webmaster, web agency, company working in the field of web hosting.

    An innovative affiliation.

    A WHMCS module will allow you to sell our products in white label, you can even choose the price displayed. We also offer regular https link affiliation with banners. Our internal system will allow you to see real-time click / sales statistics. We make payment of commissions every first of the month by PayPal or bank transfer.